Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Woman is only helpless when her nail varnish is drying....

To follow yesterday's crackin' nail advice*, Being Poorly 101, I thought I'd whack a couple of my favourites/ lust afters up here - just to make the whole dreadful choosing process more bareable. 

*Bold comment, I know. But seriously guys....IT WORKS.

N.B. Guys of the male variety - if you want to paint your girlfriends' nails, coolbeans. I know many-a-gal after a hunky, little Man Slave ;) 

In fact, talking V-day, I'd hazard a pamper sesh is a BIG brownie point winner for most.....then again, why stop at nails?? 

And if you'd rather paint your own, gents...well who am I to judge?!

.....Should you fall safely within the 'neither' category, however, here's one WHOPPER of a sandwich .....enjoy! ;)

Fancy a spot of this bad boy?? WATCH THIS SPACE.

And should that not work, hopefully this will :

Attention kept? 


So here goes with a few of my own nail varnish favies........ 

This time of year, I'm all for striking, fiery hues - matching lipstick, bien sûr!


Nubar - Camelot Blossom - currently sold out :(

Wet n Wild - Dreamy Poppy - TESCO

OPI - Elephantantastic Pink - most salons

YSL - Coral - discontinued. But #3 is divine


* photo courtesy of http://www.alllacqueredup.com


Bold = Tried and tested, LOVES!

Quality wise, Essie being the clear winner


.....having just seen these beauts however, a little dabble with pastels is deffs on the cards! 

All crowned with the one and only, invincible, Sally Hansen 'Hard As Nails' ....now what are you waiting for??

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