Saturday, 9 February 2013

Expect The Unexpected

So after yesterday's wickedly long, rambling, cliché of a post - I thought I'd just leave a quickie regarding myself, vision for this little space (pants, that means actual decisions*) and a few random musings from The Morning After.

* decision making - not my strongest asset. Working on it. 


SPONTANEITY. ADVENTURE. IMPULSE. Three of my most favourite words.

Man, I love words. Languages. Literature. Maybe we'll do a book post some time? 

After all, as the formidable Fabulous* always taught us, "the limits of your language shall be the limits of your world.*" N'est-ce pas??

*Our affectionate term for my oh-so-fabulous-grandma. Mary Berry eat your heart out.

**Warning: I have been known to make up words. Regularly. 
           Bare with.

Fabulous avec ma petite cousine. 

Now I abhor surprises, and love throwing them *mischievous twinkle*... and I'd hazard a guess that these musings shan't change that paradigm....

So really, unless lightening strikes, there'll be no prescribed parameters and I'll be posting (I'd have thought) about parties, art, and some of my views on the madness of being. And yes, Grandma, it will include photos. Now I know, I know, you've got it, buuuuut....I feel obliged to state - this is all very much subject to change!

Expect the unexpected. 

And should you like what you're reading, please, feel free to drop me a line.

Commenting, sharing, liking and tweeting are all very much welcomed...

But I am a little green with this interweb business, so if anyone fancies holding my hand through it,(no, not like that, you)or offering any wisdom, it'd be muchly appreciated!! 
- I make crackin' brownies. Then again, I wouldn't trust the RM with my babies. I could make some in gratitude anyways though??

Also, blog suggestions/feedback and interesting titbits of, well, anything... would be MINT.


P.S. I'm Mollie. I'll be you're pilot for this journey. 
     Please, nobody encourage me with more hats. ;)

Better photo-quality next time. Promise.

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