Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday, monday, monday.... WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?!?!

Monday, monday, monday.... WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?!?! 

After a decadently lazy weekend of - well - nothing,  I was ready. Pencils sharpened, 'To Do' list written, (last night - a whole 8 hours early?!) alarm clock set.  

I was SO ready.

My beaut of an 'Amazona' Filofax. 
Sadly discontinued - but they do have some gorge newbies online. 

Personal fav: The most suple of brown leathers with cream inserts. 
A list-maker's heaven.

Part of today's reading list - For ONE essay! 
Save me now. 

Ok, slight fib, we'll settle for more of a decadently lazy weekend oozing with scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, romcoms,  rugby and tartan pj bums. That was fine, totes acceptable.....I was recovering after all, today was going to be A NEW DAY. 

Then, in a wicked twist of events, much to the detriment of Essay Mountain....I'm still poorlybeans. :( 


Crazy. Mental. Dang, stupid immune system. 


The ULTIMATE Drama Queen. 
Girls, if it's gotta be done, do it in style ;)

Anyways, I thought I'd post a survival guide : Being poorly 101.

1) Freshly painted nails make everything better. 
   It's scientifically proven an' all

2) However bad things are, someone, somewhere, is far worse off

3) So you didn't get everything you wanted done? Chill, babe. 
   Don't beat yourself up. Little and often - learn your limits!

4)'Laughter is the cheapeast medicine' 
   Bleurgh, bleurgh, puke, puke, yuck, gross, rank.....really?! 

   Yes, I went there. 
   BUT IT'S TRUE!!! 


GOSSIP with your friends, don't push them away - LAUGH until your tummy hurts - GIGGLE - SMILE :D

OOooh cheesiest smile competition, anyone? Prizes perhaps??

So, to the challenge: Can you beat any of these?

  • Email me, tweet me, Comment below. Let's see how competitive you guys are ;)


Now really, that's about the extent of my sympathy guys. Sorry, bad blogger, I know. I'm just much more of a pull yourself together, 'MAN UP' kinda gal! 

So we're back with Liz... but man, she knows what she's talking about* ;)

*Maybe postpone the vodka shots when really poorly

But trust me now, however bad, the nail tip ROCKS. 

Nails, steaming cups of tea, Ryan Gosling and lots and lots giggles. Who needs prescription drugs*?? 

*Peeps - don't judge ;)

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